Nightmare Collective

by Nightmare Collective

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released August 7, 2016



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Nightmare Collective Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Pathologized
The culture is psychotic but we're pathologized
Judged and evaluated and analyzed
I'm not the thing that's broken, just look into my eyes
Get that human contact that you crave and despise

How can we comply with an impossible norm?
Your answer is the drugs that make us break and conform
The problem's not the people, it's the economic form
No room for a human in the eye of the storm
Track Name: Recipe for Madness
Another day of panic
Everything is wrong
Alive within the ocean
Of the suicidal young
My soul is sacrificial
Yearning for the knife
Nothing could be harder
Than this half-demented life

Misery and terror
Undirected rage
A recipe for madness
In this self-destructive age
There's no fucking solace
There's no fucking peace
Beat my knuckles bloody
Screaming on my knees
Track Name: Catcalling is Sexist Oppression

You have no idea what it feels like for us every day
When you open up your mouth with those hurtful things you say
Look me up and down and say hey

Sometimes I feel self-conscious, sometimes I feel afraid
Sometimes it reminds me of the times that I've been raped
Sometimes it reminds me of the times that I've been raped

Catcalling doesn't feel like a fucking compliment to me
What the fuck will it take for you to see
Your objectifying oppression is harmful and real

Stop degrading me
Track Name: Refuse to Relax

Refuse to relax, won't be sedated
My life is a war
Never calm down, never shut up
My life is a war

Don't tell me to shut my mouth
You'll have to sew my fucking lips shut
Don't tell me to change my mind
I'll have to be lobotomized
Don't tell me to simmer down
I'll boil and I'll fucking burn you
Don't tell me it's all okay
Tomorrow is another day of pain
Track Name: Sick and Distressed

Cut off from the culture, sick and distressed
A deal with my demons, fucking cheating my death
No bottle to hide in, no fucking release
Silent I suffer unrest and disease

Tomorrow I'll do it, go back on my choices
Burn down the world, the command of the voices
A needle in both arms, a pill on my tongue
An army of darkness, an army of one
Track Name: Exile is Not Transformative Justice

Dismissive attitudes
Choosing disassociation with reality
And others' experience...

We address oppression with the tactics of oppressors
We other people like we've felt othered
We cause more harm than helping people's evolution
We hurt each other more than aiding people's transformation

I see the building of a policing hierarchy in my own community
That I thought believed in solidarity and equality

So many still feeling alone
When they thought they were finally home
Track Name: To Return

I used to live with no fear of death
Never fazed by my own decay
Self-destruction was a game
And I was really good at playing

My hopeless thoughts drove my actions
Substance was my distraction
Now I live stone cold sober
Every night in my bed I think it's over
Close my eyes about to rest when
I shoot up in bed and grab my chest and
Fear and paranoia encompass me
Fuels my desire to return to the old me, to return
Track Name: Rupture

Rupture of the shell, exposed to the cold
Naked in the snow, nowhere to go
All meaning in collapse, awakening to an ocean of pain
No justice in the void, just ice in my fucking veins

I can't stand the flavour of the truth
No reason
I just hate the fucking multitudes
So: treason
I just got a shitty attitude
No reason
So fuck it all there's nothing I can do
Track Name: Indifferent Society

Sometimes it feels like there's nothing inside
Just an empty shell, no fear, no pride
Tired of fighting for an indifferent society
I should just accept this corruption in front of me
Close my eyes and make it a part of me
Track Name: The Only Escape is a Trap
It was so painful to discover
That the world I was born into
Was a world of fucking pain so
I looked around more, found out there was a way
To make the fucking pain stop
But not forever, you had to keep it up
Or you would feel pain still
So whatever, keep it up cuz you can't stop
The only escape is a trap